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Are You Looking for a Bicycle Shop? Try This Store in Canberra

Do you remember your first bike ride? Well, you may not remember much about the event itself, but you probably never forgot the feeling of freedom, the sheer wild joy of speeding through the air on a vehicle powered by your own two feet. Even ...read more .

A Wide Range of Bikes Available in Woden—Mountain Bikes, Hybrid Bikes and Cruiser Bikes

The popularity of cycling has increased exponentially in recent times due to many factors. One of the big reasons for this is because many of us realised that cycling is a terrific way to improve our health without the monthly fees and ...read more .

Hire a Bike Before You Buy One: Canberra Bicycle Hire Available Through New Company

Canberra is the largest inland city in Australia, which means that there’s a lot of countryside to see around it. And for those of you in Canberra who have serious athletic ambitions, a bike seems like a great way to get around and see ...read more .

Woden Bike Shop and Store

Technology has caused more and more of us to lead sedentary lifestyles, which can set back our health. More jobs than ever are office based and require sitting down for extended periods of time. Modern conveniences mean that the physical ...read more .

A Range of Kids and Childrens Bikes to Buy in Fyshwick

Being a child is one of the best parts of your life, and many of us wish that we could go back to the days of being carefree without any responsibilities! When you're young, the world seems to be a big place with adventure around every ...read more .

Finding Bikes for your Kids: Children's Bikes Available Near Woden

Getting bikes for your children is practically a parenting milestone. There’s nothing like teaching your little ones how to ride a bike for the first time, and seeing their faces light up as they sail through the air with their feet on the ...read more .

Are You Thinking About Buying a Trek Bike? Find the Largest Selection of Trek Bikes in Canberra

There’s always at least one brand name in every industry synonymous with quality and high performance. In some sectors, it’s not so difficult to identify—computer buffs will argue over the superiority of Macs and PCs. ...read more .

Our new Bike Shop in Canberra has everything you need from a Bike Store in Canberra and more.

Canberra’s Box of Bikes Shop is where you want to buy all of your items and accessories. If you are looking for the ultimate bike shop in Canberra, you have found it ...read more .

Visit Canberra Box of Bikes – Best Prices, Helpful Staff, Impressive Inventory

If you’ve been searching for a bike shop in the Fyshwick area, look no further. The Canberra Box of Bikes promises not to leave you disappointed. With a very helpful and knowledgeable staff, the unbeatable inventory including the ...read more .

Kid’s bikes and more - view a selection of children’s bikes in Canberra today

Canberra’s new Bike Shop, Box of Bikes, is one year young and is here to offer families with children an amazing bike experience that you won't find in any other bike shop in Canberra. We have two locations for our bikes in Canberra and invite ...read more .

Your best selection of cruiser bikes, mountain bikes, and hybrid bikes is here in Canberra

Box of Bikes has two locations in Canberra, one in Majura Park, and the other in Phillip Market Place. Our shops are a year old, but our staff has years of experience ...read more .

No Matter What Kind of Cyclist You Are Box of Bikes has the Perfect Bike for You

Have you been searching for the perfect bike for yourself or the whole family? Look no further – Canberra Box of Bikes has you covered providing a wide variety of bikes for people of all ages. Whether you prefer a cruiser bike for casual ...read more .